Centro de Arkaute-Granja Modelo Centro de Derio
Apartado 46, E-01080 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain C/ Berreaga, 1
Crta. Nac. I, Km 355, E-01192 Arkaute (Alava) E-48160 Derio (Bizkaia), Spain
Tel: +34-945-121313   Fax: +34-945-281422
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NEIKER is a public research institute for agricultural research. The institute has two centres:

Centre of Arkaute - Granja Modelo (former CIMA)  and

Centre of Derio (former SIMA).

NEIKER depends from the Basque Government in Northern Spain, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The general objectives of the R+D at NEIKER are the following:

- to improve the productivity and competivity of the production systems within the frame of a sustainable use of the soil

- to develop and introduce new technologies and tools for the management of the farms.

- to facilitate the technical achievements of the demands of the processing industry of quality products and of the consumer with respect to quality and sanitariness.

Investigation and Development activities of NEIKER consist on one hand of basic research using different innovative technologies. On the other hand practical, short term R+D is realized with the aim to support, to advise and to collaborate in the solution of actual problems of farmers, associations and other institutions of the agricultural sector.

Neiker-Centre of Arkaute has 50 ha of land. Ten of them form part of the infrastructure (offices, laboratories, greenhouses, tunnels, stables and roads). The rest is utilized for cultivation. Another farm, the Finca de Iturrieta, is located at 1000 m altitude and has 45 ha. Neiker-Centre of Derio has four ha for offices, laboratories and greenhouses with modern equipment. The personnel staff in both centres consists of 100 persons which include 25 scientists.

Managing Director:           D.  Josť Zurita Laguna           jzurita@neiker.net
Technical Director:            D.  Gerardo Besga Salazar   gbesga@neiker.net
Director of Resources:      D.  Gregorio Alonso Vallejo   galonso@neiker.net



The research areas have a wide spectrum and involve main crops as well as horticulture and forestry, including natural resources. Other important research areas consist of animal production and animal pathology.

Plant Production and Protection




Animal Production

Animal Pathology

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