Technology and knowledge transfer to the primary sector

Innovative solutions that improve profitability and sustainability of the primary sector and the agro-food business.
New alternatives and diversification of crops and livestock production.We guarantee the Products quality and food safety.

Environmental sustainability in agricultural and livestock ecosystems and eco solutions for businesses

Assessment and management of natural resources and their interaction with agricultural activities.
Improving the profitability of the company through the sustainable management of its resources. Recovery of waste.

Analytical and advisory services for the primary sector businesses and farms

Analysis of high technical value and expert advice to the agrifood sector
Reference Laboratory of the Basque Government.


New manioc varieties adapted to climate change

Planta_mandiocaThe Basque Agricultural Research and Development Institute, NEIKER-Tecnalia, participates in the development of new varieties of cassava or manioc adapted to climate change for sustainable agriculture. The project for support the development and technology transfer, involves the Mikocheni Institute of Agricultural Research (Tanzania) and the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya), and is co-funded by FAO-Treaty in The framework of a project type: “Support to the co-development and Technology Transfer”.

NEIKER develops technique for decontaminating contaminated soil which combines the use of nanoparticles and bioremediation

Polluted soilsThe Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development Neiker-Tecnalia is currently exploring a strategy to remedy soils contaminated by organic compounds containing chlorine (organochlorine compounds). The innovative process consists of combining the application of zero-iron nanoparticles with bioremediation techniques. The companies Ekotek and Dinam, the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country and Gaiker-IK4 are also participating in this project known as NANOBIOR.

Batfarm will enable livestock farmers to assess the environmental impact of their farms

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe software has been developed as part of the European Batfarm project, funded by the IIIB-Atlantic Area Interreg Programme and entitled “Assessing the best techniques available for cutting air and water pollution on livestock farms”. Batfarm has been led by Dr Pilar Merino, a NEIKER-Tecnalia researcher.

EuroDairy: a pan-European network for dairy farming

Logo EURODAILYWebEuroDairy is a new network to increase the economic, social and environmental sustainability of dairy farming in Europe, at a time of unprecedented challenge for the sector.

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, EuroDairy will foster the development and dissemination of practice-based innovations in dairy farming, targeting key sustainability issues following the abolition of milk quotas: socio economic resilience, resource efficiency, animal care, and the integration of milk production with biodiversity objectives.