Technology and knowledge transfer to the primary sector

Innovative solutions that improve profitability and sustainability of the primary sector and the agro-food business.
New alternatives and diversification of crops and livestock production.We guarantee the Products quality and food safety.

Environmental sustainability in agricultural and livestock ecosystems and eco solutions for businesses

Assessment and management of natural resources and their interaction with agricultural activities.
Improving the profitability of the company through the sustainable management of its resources. Recovery of waste.

Analytical and advisory services for the primary sector businesses and farms

Analysis of high technical value and expert advice to the agrifood sector
Reference Laboratory of the Basque Government.


Neiker international reference in pine propagation by means of somatic embryo

071031_314The technique involves the development of embryos from cells that are not the product of a merger of gametes during fertilization.
Researchers from the Basque technological center act as technical advisers of large multinational timber. Biotechnological tools used in genetic improvement programs help achieve higher quality copies or “elite”.

As part of its programme designed to genetically enhance forestry species, Neiker-Tecnalia has committed itself to somatic embryogenesis to obtain “elite” trees that will adapt to the new environmental conditions resulting from climate change. This innovative method to create clonal plants also allows forest productivity to be increased and the growing demand for forestry products to be thus met.

BATFARM software: support tool for selection of best available techniques for farming

BatfarmBatfarm software simulates the effect of Best Available Techniques in private farms and compares various scenarios, thus helping to selecting the most appropriate in each case environmental strategies. The tool is free to use, and can be downloaded on this website and is available in four languages: Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

International soil day

logo2_dia-mundialTomorrow, December 5, marks the International Soil day. It is a special day in this, special too, 2015 that has been recorded as “International Year of Soils” by the United Nations: Soils are a limited natural resource that provides 95% of the food we eat, it is home to a wide and extensive community of living beings, maintains and  filters drinking water, captures carbon from the atmosphere to be an effective tool in mitigating climate change, it retains vestiges of our history and is the mainstay of employment for almost half of the inhabitants of the planet who live in rural areas.

Neiker-Tecnalia estimates the growth of vines using an innovative system that measures their infrared radiation emission

20141003_ 005The Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development Neiker Tecnalia has tested the effectiveness of an innovative system to estimate vegetative growth in vines by measuring the infrared radiation emission of the plants. The method is known as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVT) and estimates the vegetative growth of plants by measuring the solar radiation that plants reflect in the red and near-infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum.